Our Elders


Angel Gonzalez - Pastor/Elder  

Pastor Angel Gonzalez was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio.  He attended DeVry University in Columbus, Ohio, graduating with a degree in electronics.  Upon graduation from DeVry, he was hired by Comdial Corporation, a telecommunications company, to work in their facility in Charlottesville, Virginia.  He moved to Charlottesville in 1993.  He was employed by Comdial Corp. for 13 years, until the Lord called him into ministry.

He attended a church in the Charlottesville area and was involved in several areas of ministry work.  He was ordained as a minister of God in 2006, and began pastoring in a local community church.  In 2008, God called him and a group of others out of the established church, and they started meeting from house to house for bible studies, prayer and worship.

Pastor Angel married Tina in 1998, and they have three children and four grandchildren.

As Pastor/Elder of New Life Fellowship, Angel is responsible for the oversight of all pastoral activity within the congregation, in plurality with the other Elders of New Life.  He believes that the Lord works through a group of men, called and with various gifts, to disciple the saints. Pastor Angel follows the examples of the Apostles and the early church spoken of in the book of Acts.  Angel believes it to be the responsibility of a shepherd to spend time in the word and prayer, seeking the guidance of the Lord, and receiving a deeper understanding of His word for the direction of this fellowship.  He teaches, counsels, and encourages the fellowship family.  He meets with other men in order to share understandings of God's word and to encourage and edify each other in their respective callings.


Larry Haney - Elder


Elder Larry Haney was born in 1950 in Charlottesville, Virginia and has lived in central Virginia all his life.  He graduated from Orange County High School in Orange, Virginia in 1969.

Larry was employed as a surveyor by the State of Virginia for 5 years.  In 1976, he began working as a truck driver for Doubleday Publishing Co. when they opened a plant in Virginia.  He continued to work for Doubleday until the corporation closed the Orange plant in 1990.  In March of 1991, he became a full-time over the road truck driver for Intertrans Carrier and continued in that position until semi-retiring in 2013.  He presently still continues to drive on occasion for Intertrans.

Larry was married in 1969 to Donna.  They have now been married for 47 years.  They have two sons and two granddaughters.  Larry enjoys spending time with his family in God's creation.

Our Elder Larry heard God speak to his heart to walk in the calling as an elder in New Life Fellowship in 2008.  As a part of this walk, he has taken on the responsibility of seeking the Lord in word and in prayer, in seeking the Lord's will for the flock of which he, with the other Elders, helps in teaching, counseling, and shepherding for the growth of the body of believers in New Life Fellowship.  He also meets with other pastors, elders, and men who are seeking the Lord.


Oscar Barden - Elder 


Elder Oscar Barden was born in Louisa, Virginia in 1957 and has been a lifelong resident of Orange County Virginia.  He graduated from Orange County High School in 1975.

After graduation, he was employed full-time as a bricklayer, being 2nd generation, following in the footsteps of his father.  He continues in that occupation to the present day.

Oscar was married to Vicki in 1981.  They have two children and two grandchildren.  He enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors in the Lord's creation and helping others in various projects.

Oscar felt the calling of the Lord Jesus to become an elder of New Life Fellowship in 2008.  In obedience, he has taken on the responsibilities of an elder, as defined in the bible.  This includes spending time in the word of God and in prayer, teaching the gospel, counseling and helping the family of New Life Fellowship in growing and maturing in the things of the Lord.  He has a desire to share the Gospel with people.  He, like the other Elders, meets with other men who are seeking the Lord Jesus  



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