Oscar Barden


Hello.  My name is Oscar Barden and this is my testimony to Jesus Christ.

Jesus, being immeasurably abundant in His mercy toward me, even though I am as undeserving as anyone could possibly be and being of no benefit whatsoever toward Him; still, He pulled me from the mire and filth and broke my chains and bondages to sin.

He has directed my path in a mighty way.  He has cleansed me and has given me a new song.

Praise Jesus that He would, in His glorious perfection, die for even one such as me.  He has redeemed me in order that I could be born again by the Spirit of the Lord.  To be born again is to die (repent of my sins), be buried (baptism in Jesus' name), to be resurrected (reborn with the Spirit of God indwelling), and in this new life I have been empowered to follow Him, Jesus Christ.  

Thank you and may the Lord Jesus bless you,

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