Donna Haney

     Hi, my name is Donna Haney.  I am married to Larry Haney, who has been called by God to be an elder in New Life Fellowship.

          I was asked if I wanted to give my testimony.  I thought to myself, well I really don't have a testimony.  But then the Lord spoke to my heart saying: "Yes, you do have a testimony and then I realized how much the Lord Jesus had truly changed my life.

          I have been in church most of my life.  I have been involved with all types of activities at church.  I was a Sunday school teacher, sang in the choir, served on committees, was always at church when something was going on.  I thought by doing all these works, I was okay with the Lord.

          That was until one Sunday morning when we had a guest pastor.  It was during his message that he asked everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes.  The pastor then asked a simple question; "If you died today are you 100% certain that you would go to heaven?"  He asked us to raise our hands if we  were certain, but I didn't raise mine.  I wanted to raise my hand because I believed in Jesus (even the demons believe), I believed He died on the cross and rose again on the third day, I had been baptized (even though I truly didn't understand about baptism), and I was just a good moral person.  I have since learned that according to scripture in Matthew 17:19, Jesus said: "...No one is good but One, that is God!"

          The preacher continued preaching about repentance.  I had always thought repentance meant asking for forgiveness, but Jesus showed me through scripture that it actually meant "turning away from sin."  The Lord showed me I had to make some changes in my life.

          Have I made mistakes since having repented, been baptized in Jesus' name, and receiving the Holy Spirit?  Yes, I have made mistakes.  But the Lord said if I confess my sins, He is just to forgive. Now I am living a life that is pleasing and acceptable to my Lord and Savior; not following the desires of my flesh because I am obedient to His word.

          Since that day back in 2007, God has shown me so many things and continues to reveal more to me through His word.  By spending time with Him and reading His word, I now have a relationship with Jesus.  Even in reading and studying His word, His Holy Spirit continues to give me a better understanding of the scriptures.  This relationship is now built on love, faith and hope in Jesus.  His heart is for each of us to have a true understanding of His love for us.  He showed us that love on the cross through His willingness to take on our sins even though He knew no sin.  He wants us all to come to repentance so none will perish apart from Him.

          Stay in the word my friends and pray you receive the Holy Spirit as He will give you understanding of true repentance and what you must do to be saved.  Let us put our trust and hope in Jesus and not in man.   


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